Expertise is in Human resource arena, including organizational learning, organizational development, and training, all issues involved with corporate culture change.
    Some sample experiences:
  • Initiated and implemented the design and conduct of organizational audits of 26 separate organizations, including data-gathering, devising diagnostic instruments, interpreting results, providing recommendations and change strategies, enhancing competitive advantage
  • Created and delivered sophisticated curriculum for supervisors and managers in a Southeast Texas refinery (400 employees trained) to transform culture readying for successful sale
  • Served as consultant to management in human resource arena including position profiles, recruitment, outplacement, policies and procedures manuals, exit interviews, job descriptions, training and development programs, discipline and termination issues, team-approached problem solving, quality circles, and union-management strategies
  • Conducted major organizational analysis leading to corporate restructuring (down-sizing) of national mortgage banking corporation over two-year period
  • Facilitated corporate team meetings in 17 different corporations: new product development, team-building, quarterly meetings, strategy and visioning sessions, branding, and marketing analysis
  • For high-tech, specialist in learning solutions, team facilitation, organization development strategies, and leadership models, helping to move organization culture from training to self-directed learning
  • Consultant in non-profit arena: stewardship, major funding and capital campaigns for churches and other organizations (with Tyler Associates)

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